A combination of new technologies and ancient traditions gives the Oliva Lucia extra virgin olive oil its premium quality. Every olive is carefully picked at its best in the month of October and then cold-pressed within hours of being picked. This hand-picking harvesting and short-term pressing is essential for this premium quality extra virgin olive oil.


Organic is an olive oil exclusively obtained by sustainably grown and organically produced olives. Our olive trees are carefully nurtured in the Mediterranean climate of Croatian Istria. The fruits of these trees are carefully treated with respect and transformed into the extra virgin olive oil which stands in front of you. Careful and intermittent soil cultivation and exclusive use of organic animal manures produce an especially fleshy olive.


Both the taste and the texture of olive oil are defined by the location and the variety of olives. Oliva Lucia extra virgin olive oil is a blend of five different olives: Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio, Pendolino, and Bianchera. The Leccino olive is known for its high levels of Vitamin E while the Moraiolo olive is full of antioxidants. This blend lends itself well to the outcome where all three notes in the taste are represented: first fruity, then pungent and lastly bitter with a medium intensity of flavour.


Situated in northern Istria of Croatia just 5 kilometres from the town of Buje, our olive grove is located at the edge of the village of Monte Cucco. The six-hectare plot is covered by more than 1500 carefully selected olive trees. The eastern slope of the property was previously a virgin forest with craggy rocks which were recycled into pulverised dust to enrich the dark soil with minerals.

The miracle
of nature.

The olive tree has super intelligence as it is able to survive hundreds, and even thousands of years, without the aid of humans. It can survive month-long droughts, scorching high temperatures, rocky terrains and sub-zero temperatures. I first really encountered the olive tree in 2003 on the island of Iz, Dalmatia. Despite record-breaking heat my husband's olive trees survived; they did not bear fruit that fall as the trees let go of the withered olives. They also did not bear fruit the next year as there was not adequate rainfall to flower, pollinate and grow olives, however the olive trees themselves survived. These observations led me to the desire to grow olive trees and to produce extra virgin olive oil - in Istria, which has four distinct seasons, a beautiful, lush landscape and good, locally-grown food.

Every story of extra virgin olive oil starts at the olive tree, a magnificent and beautiful plant which can be beautifully nurtured in this northerly climate. With perseverance, delicious, fruitful and fragrant olives can be picked here and then transformed into fine and smooth extra virgin olive oil. It is my strongest privilege to be part of this process and produce one of the finest olive oils, which could be compared with liquid gold. Like wine, producing a high-quality olive oil is an expertise which needs knowledge and perfection. I can assure you that with my love and respect for the olive tree, a professional approach is not a need but a constant motivation for better work.

Istria is one of the world's northernmost olive growing regions as it has four distinct seasons and yet, a Mediterranean climate. Our olives grow on the 6 hectare Monte Cucco property, which until 2005 was a virgin forest and some open meadows. Throughout the clearing of the land and the preparation of the soil for olive tree planting, the aim was to kept the soil as pristine as possible and free from outside influences. All the rock that was uncovered was either pulverised or rechannelled into one kilometer of drainage canals, either exposed or covered. This pulverised rock contributes to a high calcium content in the dark soil.

Roughly half of the Monte Cucco property, The Big Hill, has an eastern exposure which receives the maximum hours of daily sunlight throughout the year. This incline or hill leads the way in growth and ripeness of olives, predicting when the actual harvest begins. The olive grove also experiences a wide range in daily temperatures, usually 12-15°C, particularly during the summer months, when heat, but not too intense, is necessary for the vegetative process and ripening of the olives.

The Istrian region can also have blustery winters with the North Wind or 'bura' blowing for several days at a time. This wind acts as a cleansing catalyst, killing off moulds and harmful insects, and even olive trees. These olive trees are now being replaced with locally grown, autochthonous Bianchera to ensure a stronger gene. Bianchera adds the bitter taste to the eventual olive oil and is known for its high levels of polyphenols or antioxidants.

Mili Kus, Oliva Lucia




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